Subscription & Monthly Fees

There is no fixed cost for being registered to BeOpen. Monthly fees can apply for certain options. All other transactions are charged on a per-use basis.

National SMS

SMS price depends on the total volume of SMS messages sent and/or received. The price applied for national destinations can be found in the table below. Volume & corresponding price is calculated at the end of each calendar month.

from to Price/SMS (excl.VAT)
0 20 000 € 0,090
20 001 50 000 € 0,085
50 001 100 000 € 0,080
100 001 250 000 € 0,075
250 001 500 000 € 0,070
500 001 2 000 000 € 0,065
2 000 001 € 0,055

A standard SMS (TS 23.038 encoding) can contain up to 160 characters. When using characters that are not available in TS 23.028 encoding, the message will automatically be converted into UCS-2 encoding which reduces the number of characters to 70 per SMS. When messages contain more than 160 (or 70) characters, they are sent as concatenated SMS and counted for each segment of 160 - respectively 70 characters.

Note that SMS will be charged as soon as your application delivers the SMS to the open API.  Even in case the final delivery fails (e.g. due to invalid destination number, mobile phone not reachable, ...) you will be charged.

SMS MO will be charged as soon as the end user has sent the SMS to the open API. The open API will either try to deliver the SMS to your application (push mode) or will store the message until your application fetches it (pull mode).

International SMS

International SMS is not enabled by default but can easily be requested. SMS to international destinations will be charged at the fixed international rate of € 0,33 per SMS (excl. VAT) independent of the volumes or country.

SMS keywords

Incoming SMS-es are routed to your application based on a keyword in the message. You first need to request for the keyword capacity, after that you can assign a keyword provided it is not yet used by another applicaiton. There is a monthly charge of € 50, per unit of Keyword Capacity even if no keywords are allocated.


Each location request will be invoiced at € 0,07 (excl. VAT). This includes all SMS needed for receiving the XY coordinates.