Getting Started

Please read the different steps below before using the open API.

1. Obtaining the specifications

In the Resources section, you can download the documents describing the different protocols. There is a few documents describing general topics that apply for all assets and there is one document for each of the API’s available.

2. Registering

Anyone with a valid e-mail address can register. Please take care in selecting your partnername as it cannot be changed after registration. It should clearly identify your company or yourself in case you are a private person. After your registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Clicking the activation link will give you access to the portal and the API's in sandbox mode. This Sandbox mode allows you to test the API's without connection to the live network. Registration and Using Sandbox is completely free of charge.

3. Creating your first application

After login you will arrive on your Partner Dashboard. From there you can create a new Application. An Application in the Open API system provides you with the Endpoints (URL & credentials) you have to use in your own development for accessing the Open API assets.

  • In your dashboard, click “Manage Partner”
  • In your profile screen, click “Create Application”
  • Chose an Application Name and complete the other fields.
  • Click Create Application to finalise.
  • 4. Testing your application (in Sandbox Mode)

    When your Application has been created it will appear in your Partner Application list in Sandbox state. You can immediately start testing it without any further action. In Sandbox mode the API’s will respond to your requests but there will be no live messages or data from the Proximus network

  • Click “Manage Application” to find the details.
  • Click “Endpoints” and use these in your own system to connect to the proper API. 
  • Copy the Application Credentials (Application User Name & Application Password).
  • Copy the correct Endpoint (URL) for your selected API Typically the SMS endpoint will look like “”
  • Once you have this data you can configure it into your own application. Typically you will want to test the following:

    Sending SMS (SMS MT)

    Outgoing SMS can just be sent using the SMS API. When testing in Sandbox, outgoing messages are not delivered to the final destination..

  • Configure your application to use the SMS Endpoint.
  • For sending SMS in Sandbox Mode, always use the shared short-code (8937)
  • Messages will be accepted (or errors generated) but will remain in status “delivered to network”
  • Receiving SMS (SMS MO)

    Incoming SMS’s are routed to an application based on a keyword in the message. When testing in Sandbox, incoming traffic is not routed but when you create a keyword, a dummy message for that keyword will be generated within 10 seconds. The keyword will be removed after the incoming message has been picked up and can be created again to generate another message.

    Obtaining Mobile Locations

    Using the Location API will allow you to obtain the Geographical location of the closest Proximus cell. In order to respect privacy, you can only locate mobiles after opt-in (privacy API) or for numbers that are whitelisted in your Application (e.g. machine2machine cards). In Sandbox mode, you can locate any number but the system will only return a dummy location. Privacy API can also be tested in Sandbox mode.

    5. Move to production

    After your application has been tested in Sandbox mode, you can request for a promotion to production. In Manage Application, click the Promote to Production button. 

  • Go to 'Manage application', click on "Promote to production'. If this is your first promotion request, you will need to fill in your partner details and accept the contract.
  • Please note that the first promotion of an application is not automatically approved. Proximus will analyse your request and you will receive an e-mail when your request is approved.
  • Once approved, you can use the API in production mode. For this you will need to change the endpoints to the production URL’s which you can find in the same way as for Sandbox.

    Note that as soon as your application is in production, you will be charged for using the API’s as detailed in the "tariffs" tab

    6. Request additional options

    Once your Application is in production, you can request or activate additional options. Options currently available are:

  • Use your own mobile number(s) as originator (Only possible for subscriptions at Proximus (no prepaid cards))
  • Request Keywords for incoming traffic on short-codes. (Incoming traffic only from Proximus subscribers).